Outdoor Gas Stove - Folding Electronic Camping Gas Stove -3500W D1338HY

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Brand Name: AOTU
Disposable: No
With Ignition Device or Not: Included
Style: Outdoor
Capacity: >5
Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: No wind shield
Model: D1338HY
Usage Condition: High Altitude
Automatic Alarming or Not (Kettle): No
Structure: Split
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Fuel: Propane
With Fuel or Not: No
Category: Gas Stove
With Wooden Handle or Not: No
Application Method: Manual
Applicable Seasoning Type: Liquid Seasoning
Stove Type: Gas Stove
Size: 15*7.5CM: 30CM
Material: ultra light alloy
Ignition: electronic ignition
Weight: 280 grams (net weight) gross weight: 300 grams
Approved rate: 3500W
After folding size: 9*7.5*12CM
Packaging: plastic box packaging


Material for aluminum alloy and stainless steel material,

bearing strength. Small size, folding wire support, high temperature resistance.

High energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system, to ensure a successful ignition.

Rotary flame, high heat efficiency, good versatility, suitable for all kinds of tank.




Stove as the focus of the lowest branch head of the furnace body, multi folding thick stainless steel stent provides unprecedented strong support, stability is extremely strong and small folded volume, material thickened.

2 the stove adopts a cyclotron type flame, moderate size, full combustion, maximum fuel saving

3 installation of high energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition, ignition to ensure convenient easy to use

4 bracket parts horizontal tooth assembly design, increase the friction between the bottom of the cooker, use more stable.

5 for many groups, is a small stove burner which support a better stability


Products include:

1 pcs Stove

1 pcs Plastic Box