BOMKI Complete Grilling & Cooking Set for the Outdoors

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Use BOMKI's complete set of tools for serious cookouts. Heavy-duty, FDA approved and BPA free products for your outdoor cooking. High-grade Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant for those camping days in the woods.

Super heavy-duty & durable, BOMKI Grilling and cooking toolset is a strong durable heavy duty grill set and it will not bend or break when flipping large chunks of meat. Oversized length handles for perfect grip, to easily flip and turn hot dogs, sausages, wings, and other food on the grill without dropping. Mirror polish Stainless steel, ergonomic long heat resistant handles, convenient handle rings for hanging.

All Bomki Utensil Handles are designed to insulate heat for your comfortable grilling experience.

Great Quality and Design. We have securely assembled a thoughtful set of quality grilling essentials in a fashionable custom-designed storage bag, so you can haul it in your car, truck or buggy.

Essentials of Outdoor Cooking.. Did you ever forget taking that one cooking utensil that you needed while away from home on an expedition? Not to worry, Bomkiset has you covered with all the essential tools of the trade. Spatula, fork, knife, ladle, salt, and pepper shaker, cutting board, wine and bottle opener, scissors, marshmallow sticks, tongs, combo spoon and fork, and hooks to hang your tools. And All this in a beautiful storage bag. 

Serious Tools for Serious Chefs.. Ever wondered why professional cooks like and use only Stainless Steel heavy duty cooking sets? Do you want everyone to envy your cooking set and praise your cooking style? The long handles and durable make of our utensils will keep you focused on the cooking comfortably, so you and the family can enjoy the results.

Gift and Reward.. This Set is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors or in the kitchen. A dream gift for any camper who loves cookouts. Or reward yourself with this complete grilling set you will never have to borrow another tool from a neighbor.

Warranty and Peace of Mind.. We have taken the worry out of having your tools bend, break or rust, so you can rely on them to get the job done right. 2 years, manufacturers limited warranty on all items, is our promise to you.


Items in the package:

1x Fork:  430 SS mirror polished 40.5 cm Long handle and sturdy construction make this fork a versatile tool while handling your food on the grill.  

1xSpatula: 430 SS mirror polished 41.5 cm. A heavy-duty multi-purpose spatula to flip or lift your meat, or to be used as a tenderizer, knife, and bottle opener. The long handle will let you manage your burgers or seafood on fire without getting your hands burnt.

1xLadle:  430 SS mirror polished 32 cm. with a long handle it is a perfect dipper for your soup, stew, or chili.

1xKnife:  2CR13 SS mirror polished 35.4 cm. perfectly balanced and sharp, for carving or slicing your steak, chicken, turkey, or roasts.

1xCorkscrew bottle opener: 2Cr13 SS Matt polish.

1xTongs: 430 SS Matt polish 34.5 cm. Long tongs with locking device and hygienic stand are the most versatile tool while grilling and will come in handy when serving or mixing salad.

2xCombo spoon and Fork: 304SS mirror polish 19cm. Two compact and stylish, spoon and fork combo will make life easy while sitting around the fire pit and holding your plate in one hand and your spoon and fork combo in the other.

2xTelescopic Marshmallow roasting stick: 430 SS 26cm, extended to 74cm. Two sticks so the kids don’t have to fight over them! Telescopic, Heat resistant, and extendable to enjoy roasting marshmallows and S’mores or hotdogs and sausages on an open fire.  

1xScissors: 2Cr13 SS mirror polish 11cm. High-grade stainless steel, sharp and comfortable to work with. This tool will be useful for a variety of needs while outdoors. Use to Crack nuts, open packaging, bottles, or cans. Or debone your bird.

1xFoldable cutting board:  PP 36 cm* BPA free plastic foldable cutting board to slice your vegetables or cut your meat. Don’t drop any of your food and easily and directly transport your cut items into a pot or on the grill.

2xSalt and pepper shaker: 304 ss matt polish with a plastic cap. Salt and Pepper shaker with a plastic non-spill lid is a must for cooking and margination. Use it for other spices as well to transport your favorite spices to the campsite.

3xS shape hanging hook: 430 SS 10.8 cm. We know you like to hang things from the trees and branches. So we included 2 S shape hooks for you to hang the Cooking Set Bag or the utensils from their loops. Can be used for other purposes like hanging your towels or other personal items.


    BOMKI Complete Grilling & Cooking Set for the Outdoors

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