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What Is A Tote Bag Mat?

by Bomki .com 17 Aug 2017 0 Comments

Tote Bag Mat

Going to the gym or on a picnic with the kids? Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine that you have packed everything you need for your outing and you step out with only one bag. Yes, think about it; just a single bag into which everything fits. It’s not far-fetched; it’s simply a tote bag mat. This simple, easy to carry mat that folds into a tote bag is all the rage among fitness experts and mums, and really, who could blame them?

If we said that the tote bag mat was the next best thing since sliced bread, you’d probably think we’re exaggerating and honestly, we wouldn’t blame you. Once you’ve experienced the wonder that is the tote bag mat, there’ll be no going back.

If you’re wondering why folks are so stoked about the tote bag mat, we’ll take a few moments to run through the different ways you can use this bag at home, for your exercise and whilst out camping. Believe us when we say this bag will change your life, first though…


What Is A Tote Bag Mat?

Light, clean and versatile, this tote bag is everything you need and more. The tote bag mat is a cool invention that can be used in any situation where you would need a mat. Whether you’re off to the beach, or simply need a quick play area for the kids, this mat is perfect for all your needs.

We particularly love this mat because it’s so easy to use. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, machine washable and feather light. It rolls up like a tote bag and you can put everything you need inside. Once you reach your destination, spread it out and voila! You’ve got yourself a mat, baby.



Ways to Use the Tote Bag Mat

Tote Bag Mat to Mum’s Rescue!

If you’re a mum, you already know how stressful it can be to pack for a day out. Whether it’s to the beach or for a picnic, packing several bags as well as a mat is tedious and could get frustrating real quick. That is where the lovely tote bag mat comes to the rescue!

You can pack all you need for your day out in this wonderful bag, saving you the need to take along extra luggage. Then when you get to the park or the beach, all you need to do is shake out everything and the bag becomes a mat. It is waterproof and cleaning it is a breeze.

What if you’re not leaving the house; can you still use the tote bag mat? Absolutely! It makes a cute play area for your toddler and you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean. Just throw it into the washing machine.


The Only Gym Bag You’ll Ever Need

Heading to the gym? With this bag, you have in your hands a miraculous way of transporting your gym gear. Everything can go into this beautiful bag easily and without stress. When you get to the gym, you can take out your stuff and turn the bag into a mat that can be used for your aerobics class. It’s easy and you’ll look so cool doing it too.


Get Your Yoga On Super Drive

Never again worry about how you’ll transport your yoga mat when you travel. Whether you’re gone for a weekend or longer, the tote bag mat will serve as a handy bag that can also be used as a yoga mat. Look stylish with your trendy bag and stay healthy to boot.


Your Camping Gear Just Got Better

Streamline your camping experience by reducing the number of bags you carry. The tote bag mat will hold most of your camping gear and you get a cool mat thrown into the mix. What’s not to love about that? While roughing it up, the mat can serve as a sleeping bag, which means that you don’t have to carry one on top of everything else.

That is super cool!

We really love how versatile and easy to use the tote bag mat is. It’s great for home use especially if you’ve got kids. Need a bag for your trip? Check. A comfortable and easy to clean mat too? Check. If you’re going to the gym or need a yoga mat, this wonder bag is exactly what you need. Great for camping and helps you drastically cut down on your load; it’s everything you need in one bag.


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