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Cooking Essentials for Camping

by Bomki .com 10 Feb 2017 0 Comments

After months, maybe years of planning and talking about it, you have finally decided to bite the bullet and go on a camping trip. You’ve packed the latest gear and you have your maps and guides all ready. Next, it’s time to get what you need to cook your meals while out on the trail (or on the camp ground). You walk into the department store, and freeze.

With so many choices to make, how do you know what cooking essentials you’re going to need for camping? You definitely can’t buy everything. We are here to help you with that. Take a deep breath and keep reading. Our fabulous list of cooking essentials for camping will help you with picking out just what you need to have maximum fun in the great outdoors. Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki


Getting a stove is a no-brainer and this one is probably already on your shopping list. Still, we’ll include it on ours because who knows, you might actually forget to bring a stove for your exciting camping adventure. Not likely, but it could happen.

Camping Stove

Stoves, like most things, come in different forms, shapes and sizes so you need to know exactly what you’re looking for before you buy one, and that’s where we come in. Bomki

Already wondering what stove to buy? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. A light cooking stove that is portable and easy to carry is your best bet. Make sure the stove you buy is light and that it has its own portable fuel source, preferably paraffin fuelled. Remember to load up the stove with paraffin before you set out.

Frying Pan

If you pack nothing else, please pack a frying pan. Most people would rather have a cast iron skillet, which makes a superb defence weapon, by the way. But before you give up on the gorgeousness of the frying pan, think about the fact that it’s perfect for frying fish, making pancakes and some types of desert.

Frying Pan Camping

The right skillet will add a little style to your camping kitchen.

Cooking Fork

The shinier the better! The stainless-steel cooking fork is not a camp kitchen must-have, but if you ever plan to have a cookout over a fire, then this sleek and shiny beauty is exactly what you need to give you an extra edge. You already know that the right gear can make a difference in your experience of the great outdoors.

Stainless Steel Cooking Fork

So if you’re looking to impress yourself (and any onlookers of course) with how great you are at roasting marshmallows, hot-dogs, sausages, fish, or anything else for that matter? This cooking tool is exactly what you need.


Now you can grill like a pro. With the spatula, turning food on the grill or taking food out with the ease of a professional.


This fabulously handy tool should definitely be on your list of cooking essentials for camping. No more struggling to get that sticky bit out of the grill. A spatula will help you get it all out, leaving you with a clean looking grill. What’s not to love?


Cut, slice and dice with ease. It’s going to be pretty tough to survive your first outdoor meal if you don’t have a good-sized knife on hand. It is necessary for almost any type of cooking you plan to do. Meats, fish, even vegetables need to be cut, sliced or diced. Whatever you do, don’t leave out a knife when you’re packing for your camping trip. Even if you have no intention of cooking, you can definitely use it for other camping tasks like cutting twin or cords. On a scale of 1 to 10, the knife ranks a 15 for sheer usefulness. Bomki

Knife & Cutting Board

Cutting Board

Get your veggies ready in record time using a cutting board! It makes your cooking much more efficient, with less stress and hassle. Be sure to pick one that’s easy to pack and lightweight. Cutting boards made from plastic, bamboo or light wood are great options.

Bottle/Wine Opener

Let’s be honest, you do not absolutely need to go along with a bottle or wine opener. If you have bottles to open it would certainly make life easier to have one around. This makes our list because what is life without some wine? You should include a good, functional bottle and wine opener, which may or may not function as a can opener.


A great ladle can make the difference between a great experience with your soup and a mediocre one. Okay, not really, but if you do plan to serve stews and soups during your trip, then you should seriously consider including a ladle to your kitchen tools. Get a good quality ladle that is also light and easy to pack.


If you do not have a cutting board, but would still like to cut and dice your meat or fish without stress, then cooking scissors are the best way to go especially when you need to cut poultry. We’re not too sure the scissors would be the perfect substitute for cutting veggies, but it’s worth a try.


When cooking over an open fire, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to pull food out of the fire.

Tong BBQ

This is what a pair of tongs is for and it definitely beats using your bare hands.

Marshmallow Stick

If you went camping as a kid, you probably searched the woods for the perfect marshmallow stick.

Marshmallow Stick BBQ

If you’re going camping today (with or without your kids), you no longer need to go looking for sticks to use in roasting your marshmallow as you can get the perfect marshmallow stick. With these sticks roasting marshmallow over a campfire is easier and more hygienic.

Camping Pot

When you think of camping out, you’re most likely not thinking about hauling a pot for several miles at a time. Seriously though, a camping pot will come in handy, you can take our word for it. Besides, it’s quite different from your typical cooking pot because it’s light, easy to carry and used in boiling water for hot beverages and also in cooking.

 Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki Bomki 

" So that’s it, our list of cooking essentials for camping. If you want to live on the wild side (pun intended), you could probably get some more stuff. But if you’re thinking lean and functional, then these are just perfect for you no matter what sort of cooking you intend to do on your trip.. "

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